Finally something that will melt away headaches & relieve dry, puffy, strained eyes... 🙌

" this thing feels amazing! my head and eyes feel much better... "

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Experience a life-like soothing massage to 8 pressure points around your temple, eyes and forehead that instantly provides relief for headaches, migraines and eye fatigue.

Enjoy a warming sensation that feels so good it'll send you to sleep! Using the massager before bed can improve sleep quality after a long day staring at computers screens all day.

Safe air pressure and multi-frequency vibration technology melts away built up tension around the eyes. Reduce puffy, dry eyes and dark circles at home without expensive treatments.

What Our Customer Say...

"IT's helped a lot..."

"Staring at the computer screen for long hours daily has made my eyes very dry, constantly have headaches and due to that, I couldn’t sleep very well. I have been using it every night to help me sleep and its helped a lot."

"Your own personal spa.."

"Do yourself a favor and just buy this thing already. I can’t believe how good it feels. Everyone I have put this thing on has had to buy one too. It's really helped my headaches and eye strain. It's like your own personal spa."

"this thing is amazing !.."

"I have dry eyes. I usually massage my forehead, temples, cheek bones, eye area to achieve some relief, but this thing was amazing because I didn't have to do any of the work - just focus on how good the entire massage felt and relax."

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Frequently Asked Questions

💬 How Long Until I See Results?

✅ A recent study we conducted on our customers showed that 90% felt their headache, tension or migraine feel considerably better after just 15 minutes of their first use.

💬 How Many Times & How Long Should I Use This?

✅ We advise using this 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes in each session. Each of the modes runs a cycle for 15 minutes automatically.

💬 How Hot Is The Heat Compress?

✅ The heat compress has 2 settings, a low heat and high heat. It ranges from 100-107 degrees Fahrenheit (38-40°C). This is the perfect temperature to relieve eye fatigue.

💬 Do You Have a Guarantee?

✅ Yes, all orders are backed by a 100% risk free 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try it out for 30 days at home, if you're not happy then we aren't. Simply contact us and we'll sort out a return and refund.

💬 When Can I Expect My Order to Arrive?

✅ Shipping is currently FREE worldwide for a limited time. All orders are sent fully tracked from our nearest warehouse based on your location.

Once your order is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking link.

These are estimated times based on current shipping times*

USA, Canada: 7 - 17 days
UK, Europe: 7 - 17 days
Australia, New Zealand: 7 - 17 days

💬 Where Are You Based?

Our headquarters is in the USA and we have offices in the UK. We are NOT a Chinese company

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